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Train 1 Feed 1 is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that generates funds through 5 principle extensions: corporate training sessions, private individual training sessions, merchandise sales, donations and community classes in partnership with local establishments.

Our mission is to help everyday people experiencing unfortunate life transitions or homelessness through funds from able-bodied people who want to improve their health and wellness. We aim to help clients improve their health and well-being, all the while supporting the needs of the poor as well.

Train 1 Feed 1 uses funds to create a "Kindness Pack"; a reusable bag that contains toiletries, hygienic products and food, and then hands them out to those in need. In addition, we also offer community classes, training and pamphlets/reading materials on healthy eating and nutrition.

We partner with existing homeless service providers that offer shelter, job training and affordable housing. Our core strengths are not in providing food and shelter, but rather in meeting the other needs people in unfortunate situations need. Our many partnerships between gyms, studios and trainers help us achieve our mission in an effort to make this world a better place.

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Don't wish for it - WORK for it

Come join the fun!

To anyone out there who is on the fence about getting into a workout routine, my advice to you is just do it. Stop putting it off and get started because the sooner you do the sooner your life will change for the better. Call Joe today.
You will thank yourself for it down the road."

Jeremy H.

"This guy is a motivator and an inspiration to many!! Well worth your investment!"

Andy S.

"Joe is the man. If he can get me motivated he can get anyone motivated. Thanks for your help getting back into it Joe!"

Jeremy H.

"Joe is an incredible trainer! He plans the workout to meet your needs and is extremely motivating and encouraging. Thank you Joe!"

Traci P.

"We had an awesome workout with Joe in a boot camp class. He kicked our butts but kept it interesting so I didn't realize how much we did until later. Can't wait to do it again!"

Michael & Anne H.

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Joseph Monbleau, Founder

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