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October 2nd, 2016
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Be Fitter, Happier, & More Productive With Group & Corporate Fitness

Help us make a change and raise awareness of obesity and poverty while you get fit. Train 1 Feed 1 offers individual PT, group fitness, and corporate wellness training in Arizona and California. Here to improve your overall wellness. Together we can make a huge change. Contact us for pricing.

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Group Training

Group Training

Work out with your friends during an hour-long group fitness training session. Each event begins with a preliminary 15-minute introduction and attendees receive an informational packet. Available on weekends, we also hold a "garage therapy" that anyone can show up to. You are welcome to come to our studio or we can come to your location. By bonding through group fitness, we are building a community that struggles towards greater health together. Pricing is different for group trainings versus individual pricing. Contact your ambassador to discuss group training rates. We take 15% also from each ticket sold and apply it in our efforts to end hunger.

Corporate Fitness

Help your employees feel and work better with corporate fitness classes. We hold weekend events and training to educate your team about health, wellness, and fitness. At the end of the day, this is good for not only productivity, but also your health insurance costs, making it a win-win for corporate America. Well-exercised employees are less tired and have better attitudes. Plus, this is a way you can make an immediate impact on the community and the company. This is corporate fitness with value.

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