Community Class

Community classes
represent the core values of Train 1 Feed 1. We truly are fulfilling two needs with one deed by training patrons and using the proceeds to provide daily needs to the homeless.

*Attendees will get a full 1 hour session to build a better body for themselves.
*Proceeds for the training session goes towards building Kindness Packs, a kit full of socks, food and hygienic items for the homeless.

Our goal is to have ongoing community classes with regular attendees and to build a lasting impact in our neighborhood and worldwide. If you are a personal trainer and would like to host a community class, here is what it would look like.

For a community class of 10-19 people:
  • Rates are $20/person ($15/person for classes with 20+ attendees)
  • Trainer would donate their time at their hourly rate
  • T1F1 would provide an in kind donation slip after receipt of donations
  • Opportunity to meet new clients
  • T1F1 can promote your community class across all of our social platforms and invite attendees
  • Trainers get to use the T1F1 platform to promote their gym and style of training, whether it be personal training, yoga, spin, HIIT, sports training, crossfit or any other style

For simple math purposes, if you did a community class just once per week with 10 people for 1 hour on a weekend, here is what your end of year write off would look like:

10 attendees x $20 = $200
1 in kind donation of trainer's time = $100 (or whatever your hourly rate is)
Total = $300 per week
52 weeks x $300 = $15,600 tax write off

Every Kindness Pack costs T1F1 $5 to make. In the scenario above, just 1 community class of 10 people helps us care for 60 homeless people per week, 240 homeless per month and an unprecedented 3120 homeless helped per year. We envision multiple trainers hosting community classes and the total number of homeless helped growing exponentially.

Additionally, we also have an ambassador trainer program. These trainers donate a percentage from their personal training sessions to T1F1 and in exchange, they receive an in kind donation slip to use as a write off on their taxes.

If you are a trainer, gym owner, yoga instructor or just want more information, please reach out to us on our Contact Us page and we will connect with you right away!