Packing Party

Packing parties
 are an amazing way to rally your friends together for a great cause! Train 1 Feed 1 hosts them regularly and it is where we see the fundamental underbelly of our operations at work. A packing party is where we assemble all of our Kindness Packs, a kit full of socks, food and hygienic items to later hand out to the homeless.

The beauty of packing parties is that there are two main ways to get involved:

    1. Join a packing party near you
    2. Host a packing party yourself!

The core of every packing party is the Kindness Pack. T1F1 uses funds to create a Kindness Pack; a 1 gallon reusable bag that contains socks (the #1 greatest need), toiletries, hygienic products, food, water and a means to stay warm. After assembly, we partner with local missions, shelters or churches to have meaningful conversations with the homeless while supplying them with their basic needs.

In addition, we also offer community classes, personal training and pamphlets/reading materials to cover topics such as healthy eating and nutrition. There are lots of great existing homeless service providers that offer shelter, job training and affordable housing. Our core strength is not in providing food and shelter, but rather in meeting the other needs of people in unfortunate situations. Our many partnerships between gyms, studios and trainers help us achieve our mission in an effort to make this world a better place.

Here's what's included in every Kindness Pack:

  • 1 gallon reusable ziplock bag (to hold everything)
  • 2 T1F1 stickers to go on either side of the bag
  • 1 pair of socks
  • 1 bottled water
  • 5-6 non-perishable food items (granola bars, fruit snacks, etc.)
  • 2 tampons
  • 2 condoms
  • 1 space blanket and/or hand warmers
  • 1 toothbrush and toothpaste
  • napkins
  • moist towelettes or hygienic wipes
  • pamphlets about personal/mental health

For local packing parties, please make sure you are following Train 1 Feed 1 on social media and keep a look out on our Events tab on Facebook. This is a great way to join and help us in our efforts to end the homeless epidemic.

At T1F1 we aim to reach at least 100 homeless (or 100 Kindness Packs) for every packing party in order to have the most impact in our community. Here's the breakdown of donation to delivery:

1 Kindness Pack = $5 cost
100 Kindness Packs x $5 = $500
$500 / 20 friends = $25 per person

T1F1 will provide all of the supplies, and this is to ensure consistency in each Kindness Pack. Once we receive the donation we will work with the host to arrange for delivery of all supplies. We will also promote your event on social media in case you need some extra helping hands, as well as to let people know what we're doing and how they can get involved.

If you are a trainer, gym owner, yoga instructor or just want more information, please reach out to us on our Contact Us page and we will connect with you right away!