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October 2nd, 2016
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About Us

Train1Feed1 takes care of two needs with one deed. Our mission is to help everyday people, low-income families and the homeless through building better bodies. We collaborate with fitness industry—gyms, studios, trainers working with clients to help improve their health and well-being by supporting the needs of the poor. Each trainer takes 10% of their client fee and 100% of the proceeds from our Community Classes goes towards the purchase of a “Kindness Pak”, a reusable Ziplock bag filled with toiletries, feminine hygiene and food that is given to those in need. Our society is at a turning point with a health crisis and homeless crisis. We are a health and human service company that helps those who want to improve their fitness, body and mind and those who are living on the streets.

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Executive Summary

Our organization fills two needs with one deed. At Train 1 Feed 1, we help feed the hungry while battling the struggle against weight gain and obesity. Our fitness camps aim to spread awareness of these growing epidemics while generating revenue in order to make a direct and immediate impact. By collaborating with local sponsors and stakeholders, our fitness camps will serve and empower the community to make meaningful change on a large scale. Our fitness expertise also includes being awarded the Board of Certification of the National Academy of Sports Medicine on July 21, 2016.

Making a Difference

Be a part of our movement to build better bodies, as you invest in yourself and in others through our fitness camps. Whether you are working with one of our trainers or attending an exercise camp, you are reaping personal benefits by leading the healthy, conscious life you choose. Meanwhile, you are also contributing to the good cause of helping less fortunate families eat for the day. The money we raise is shared on a monthly and weekly basis with the community. Many of our trainers donate their time, and offer education about the best way to lose weight and fight obesity. Don't follow the trends; practice good fitness habits.


Our marketing strategy aims to capitalize on social media outlets, such as the Train 1 Feed 1 Facebook, Instagram, and website. We also hope to promote hardcopy and digital brochures, via email and flyers, at supportive gyms and health establishments. We aim to recruit other community supporters, such as nonprofits, food banks, and shelters in surrounding areas, as well as speak with businesses that have a direct impact on their communities.

Training Gear

Check out our shirts, hats, patches, and other gear for sale. When you show up for an event, you will receive a shirt and wristbands to help promote our cause.

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